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Personal Safety


  • One private Community of Practice (CoP) for Safety Leaders who need protect themselves and the team of people they work with.
    • One Community of Practice (CoP)
    • 10 members included
    • Additional Members:
      Upgrade Required
    • Standard Support

    No Credit Card Required

    Safety Professional


  • One private Community of Practice (CoP) for a Safety Professional who needs to remotely protect a growing workforce.
    • One Community of Practice (CoP)
    • 25 members included
    • Additional Members:
    • Priority Support

    15 Day Free Trial

    Safety Business


  • Multiple Communities of Practice (CoPs) for Safety Businesses that need to remotely protect their workforces at scale.
    • Ten Communities of Practice (CoPs)
    • 100 members included
    • Additional Members:
    • Priority Support

    15 Day Free Trial

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    Personal Safety Safety Pro Safety Business
    Number of CoPs
    Community of Practice (CoP)
    One CoP
    One CoP
    Up to Ten CoPs
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    Secure Biometric Login
    Login for each memeber with Touch ID or Face ID
    In the Vicinity
    Video Hazard & Video Journal Mapping
    Video Hazard Reports
    Tap to Play to Efficiently Reduce Risk Before Working
    Up & Down Voting, Flag a Concern, Invite to Review
    Review Tracking
    Continue Reviewing, Reviewed
    Paperless Video Hazard Reporting
    Job Sourced Reporting at Scale by Those Most Familiar
    Watch List
    Pin to Watch Later
    Offline Playback
    Save to Device for Offline Play
    4K Video
    Catalogs with Publish & Approve Workflow
    Priority Support