About SafetySpectrum

SafetySpectrum is a cloud based system that field service teams, craftsmen and skilled trade workers use to video journal their best work, while they do their best work. SafetySpectrum location based improvesthe safety organization as a whole. The SafetySpectrum cloud based system allows persons across an organization to collaborate as a Community of Practice (CoP) via video journals. Persons use SafetySpectrum on their mobile, wearable and TV devices to upload, share, watch and approve video journals as a normal part of day to day work flow.

SafetySpectrum for Apple iOS devices is a one handed mobile app that lets a field service operator capture, edit, upload, playback, search and securely collaborate using stunning HD videos of their work.

Features include a Me-Us-Library architecture that lets people work with digital video in a way that is similar to the way they do work in their personal work spaces. Me is an area of private of video journals. Us is a Community of Practice (CoP) with sub-groups and shared video journals. Library is the official area of Specialist controlled catalogs where video job aids are published and approved as company standards.

Layered on top of the Me-Us-Library areas is a Share-Publish-Approve workflow that enables everyone to transfer knowledge of their best work informally to the Us area and then formally by publishing their very best work into the Library area. Videos that are published to the Library area are approved (or disapproved) by the same diverse group of company Approving Specialists who manage the company’s methods and procedures. This is much the same way that work is done in the real world where workers share and discuss information continuously while referencing the official company standards as needed so as not to drift and deviate from the company’s expectations and the company’s customer expectations.

Other features include video search, video collaboration with invite, follow and this helped me, video geolocations for one handed quick access to videos in the person’s immediate vicinity, and video transcriptions which make every spoken word in the video searchable.

SafetySpectrum is available for all Apple mobile devices as well as the Apple Watch. A web based version of SafetySpectrum is available for all non-Apple devices and personal computers. Finally, SafetySpectrum has amazing support that we call “Priority Support” which delivers live support in-App right when you need the support the most. This efficiency has reduced our support costs and time by over 90% since we are often able to address issues as soon as they arise. To learn more about all these great video collaboration features along with Priority Support and how the Apple Watch is making the work place safer please go to: www.safetyspectrum.com/how

SafetySpectrum is available as a free public Community of Practice (CoP) where skilled trade workers can collaborate to improve the quality and safety of their trade. Also available are paid, Private SafetySpectrum subscriptions for organizations from one person to thousands of persons to create their own secure, internal, private Communities of Practice (CoPs), video Catalogs and Specialist controlled Library.