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What Should I Video and Upload?
Getting Started

Start with the Safety Spectrum elements.

   The Safety Spectrum Elements
               Events  |  Hazards  |  Journals
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- Upload to In the Vicinity Map.
- Map both visible and hidden hazards.

- An organization can not properly assess risk if it can’t see a map its known hazards.

Video Journals:
- Upload to your private Me area.
- Anytime you learn something, keep it.
- When you are ready share it.

Having Trouble Getting Started?
+ Don’t overwhelm yourself
Just start with short easy two minute clips that don't really require any practice or "scripting"
For example...Did you and your team just proceed on a critical step when the team was unsure and then had a near miss? Your team has just "learned"...now it is time to capture what you have learned into organization's SafetySpectrum CoP so your organization and can learn.

+ Privacy
When you upload to your Me area in SafetySpectrum, only you can see your videos. You can share these later if you want. When you get more comfortable sharing video can start to direct upload Video Hazards to the In The Vicinity Map and direct upload Video Journals to Library Catalogs.

Pro Tip: Training and Procedures are the How....Video can show the Why
Video is a great media and for explaining the why. Its good to make videos of procedures to show how but its great to explain why. For example: Here is how to tie a Bowlin knot. This is Why you use a Bowlin knot. So, the next time you video a hazard don't just talk about how a person can protect themself from the hazard, try to also explain why they need to protect themself from the hazard.