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Awareness of Hazards Relative to Your Current 'Heading'
In The Vicinity

The Heading and Digital Compass are enabled "On" when the In The Vicinity map appears.
Situational awareness (SA) of a hazard that is unique to a location is important because you can not assess risk if you do not know the hazard is there. Knowing when you are moving closer to a hazard is mission critical.

Heading and compass tools do not just show the direction of travel, they orient the map to you relative to hazards in your vicinity. In less than a minute this enhances your current SA by creating conscious knowledge of known hazards both visible and hidden that have been documented by your peers and safety professionals to protect everyone who works at a location.

Heading: Located on the "blue dot" current location indicator of the In The Vicinity map.
- Heading enables your "blue dot" current location indicator to shine a "blue beam" outward to indicate the direction you are heading. - In The Vicinity Map will rotate around your blue dot current location as your heading changes when you point yourself in different directions.
- This increases SA because as you turn, you can see if nearby hazards are in front of you or behind you.
- To turn Off, tap the location arrow in top right of map -OR- move the map by dragging with one finger.
- To turn On, tap the location arrow in top right of map twice..
  (first tap moves map to current location "blue dot", second tap turns your heading on "blue beam")

Compass: Located near top right of the In The Vicinity map.
- Compass will update as you point yourself in different directions.
- To turn Off, tap the digital compass.
- To turn On, tap the location arrow at top of map -OR- rotate the map with two fingers.

Pro Tip: Turn the Compass Off to Reorient the Map to the North
- If you lose your sense of direction or SA while you are viewing the map...
- Tapping the digital compass will turn off the heading, stop the map motion and the map will return to North.

Pro-Tip: Re-calibrate the Digital compass by Rotating the iPhone/iPad/Watch in a figure-8 Motion
- The accuracy of the compass can be affected due to magnetic interference in the environment.
- Even small magnets like the ones in headphones can cause a problem.
- At any time, re-calibrate your compass by rotating your phone in a figure of 8..
- The heading beam shining from the blue dot current location will narrow as digital compass accuracy increases.
Image: Digital Compass Calibration

Note: Use True North
- SafetySpectrum recommends using True North (geographic north pole).
- Apple Device Settings >> Compass >> Use True North >> "On"

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